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'Arsenal way behind Chelsea in youth development'

Started by Madmax,

So says their former youth coach Tim Burton :

It’s a massive job. There’s a lot of work to be done there. Arsenal, with respect, have fallen behind. They just weren’t working hard enough, like Chelsea. They’ve got the best pathway, because they’ve got Arsène Wenger, who gives young players a chance, better than any other club. But the processes, and things that had just been missing over a period of years, Chelsea had steamed ahead in their recruitment and all aspects of it really. That gap can close. But it’s too soon to tell. The guy there ... you’ll have a better idea in five years.


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Kind of implements the idea of stability and the importance of having an 'coach' who is willing to interact the youth with the first team. If i think of the names i heard from Arsenal's academy as 'prospects' that are still there i come to nearly-none. Never-mind establishing themselves as 'first teamers', thinks Arsenal will do haste buys as long as Arsene stays in charge - which might be good in-terms of opponents depending on their 'success'.

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