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Fulham Broadway

Our Greatest Win

Started by Fulham Broadway,

43 Years ago and the record still stands

29 September 1971 Chelsea 13 - 0 Jeunesse Hautcharage

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Attendance: 27,621
Referee: Richard Navarra (Malta)

Osgood 13px-Football.svg.png 3', 6', 63', 80', 88'
Hudson 13px-Football.svg.png 11'
Hollins 13px-Football.svg.png 13' (pen)
Webb 13px-Football.svg.png 23'
Harris 13px-Football.svg.png '44
Baldwin 13px-Football.svg.png 61', 68', 90'
Houseman 13px-Football.svg.png 77'

CHELSEA: 1 Peter Bonetti 2 John Boyle 3 Ron Harris (c) 4 John Hollins 5 David Webb 6 Marvin Hinton 7 Charlie Cooke 8 Tommy Baldwin 9 Peter Osgood 10 Alan Hudson 11 Peter Houseman Substitutes: 12 13 Manager: Dave Sexton

JEUNESSE HAUTCHARAGE: 1 Lucien Fusulier 2 Lucien Welscher 3 Rene Frantzen 4 Eddy Welscher © 5 Romain Schoder 6 Robert Botello 7 Raymond Welscher 10px-Sub_off.png 8 Jean-Pierre Welscher 9 Andre Schrobiltgen 10 Guy Thill 11 Romain Kaiser Substitutes: 12 JM Thill 10px-Sub_on.png 13 Manager:

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