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Started by hjperdeath,

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Name: Jurgen Vankerkhove

Dob: 27/09/1979

Pob: Neerpelt, Belgium

Pos: lb or cb

Height: 1.72m

Weight: 75kg

Foot: left

Thanks to you, our club is now Qatari stranger free ! The game adds regens on its own when it 'thinks' that enough players aren't there.

Minor problems otherwise include poor Jim having to leave the club because a random Spanish sugar daddy buys the club and @Ankit having random seizures which leads him to be pretty violent. Seriously bro, two red cards in the only two appearances you made...

anyway, Tom looks like he runs the club secretly as an alibi to murder Chinese immigrants.


and @Sidzeret doesn't really care about the football. :lol:


Also there is a 400 million kitty , as the club will be kinda bleak. I bought Gundogan, Modric, Rodriguez and Moura as I wanted to play more of a possession game.


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