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Which Clubs do you hate the most ?

Started by Parky,

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15 in 15 if you count the galatasaray goals in the emirates cup.

2 goals in the 2005 community shield

1 goal in 2005 PL

2 goals in the league cup final

2 goals in PL 2008

1 goals in PL 20081 goal in FA cup SF 2009

2 goals in PL 2009

2 goals PL feb 2010

1 goal PL october 2010

2 goals in emirates cup 2013.

so basically 15 in 15 with all teams in all competitions.


still does not change the fact that the arsenal right now is simply LAUGHABLE!!! poor sanchez.

Here is to spice thing up the shitty old fart wenger is:


1. Fail to buy the required quality players in key positions before the season starts, leaving the squad at least two players short of a title-winning one: Check.

2. Start season well and get stupid fans to believe that we are in a title race: Check.

3. Run key players into the ground by over-training and over-playing them; causing various muscle injuries: Check.

4. Have at least one long-term injured player who’ll be “Like a new signing when he’s back.”: Check.

5. Start off rubbish in the champions’ league group stages: Check.

6. But finish well, just nicking second spot by winning the last qualifying game: Check.

7. Get knocked out in the last 16, but not before a “valiant” comeback attempt after a pathetic first-leg performance: Check.

8. Collapse in the Premier League, losing away to rubbish mid-table sides: Check.

9. But finish well, winning the last few games in order to secure that all-important fourth place: Check.

10. Get the muppet supporters to believe next year will be better: Check.

11. Do the same thing next year: Check.

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Santa: What do you want for Christmas?

Arsenal fan kid: I want a dragon

Santa: Come on kid. Be realistic.

Arsenal fan kid: Okay. I want Arsenal to win Champions League.

Santa: ????? What color of dragon do you want?

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Arsenal on top of the EPL table is like an elephant on top of a tree.

Nobody knows how it got there, but everybody knows how it will fall.

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There once was a French cunt named Wenger,

In-club for more than thousand games bender,

Got stuffed by José's blender,

Well, hip hip hooray, thanks to Stan’s wiener,

The specialist of failures won’t fuck off, forever.

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On 7/12/2016 at 11:58 PM, OhForAGreavsie said:

I don't hate any club. I love, love love the rivalry with Tottenham so  those are the fixtures that mean the most to me.

I love the matches with Arsenal and Tottenham. I make fun of them, but in all honesty, there's only a couple of players on each team that I don't like.

The only club I really hate is Liverpool. I can't stand the supporters, most of the players, usually their manager, and I can't stand the media wankfest that happens every time the club is mentioned.

A lot of my disdain for teams comes from specific players, so I may not like a club now, but once the player moves on, I'm ok with them.

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Arsenal. Because of their fans.


ArsenalFanTV uploaded 27 post-match interview video's on their channel about their 3-0 win on us. TWENTY-SEVEN! Their fans suffer from the small club syndrome.

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1.  Liverpool - entitled fan base.  Media made up of ex-Liverpool who shove the club up everyone's ass and make annoying Liverpool supporters even worse.

2.  Spurs - Seem to be made up of largely horrible people.  Too crass and stupid to be Arsenal supporters.  Couldn't make the grade it seems.  Seem to think they can win the league, but never even win the North London table.

3.  Arsenal - Have embodied Wenger.  Whiny, full of excuses.  Like to think of themselves as proponents of the beautiful game (they do play some lovely stuff once in a while) and think that makes up for not winning anything.  Always get dicked by Barca because they refuse to adjust.  Like idiots.  This absolutely bothers the fans, but they seem to think that no one else knows that and stick to their "play the Arsenal way" mantra.

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