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Closed AFC Wimbledon v Chelsea

Started by Jason,

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"two nil and you fucked it up, two nil and you fucked it up, two nil and you fucked it up, two NIL and you fucked it up!!"

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now people's knickers won't be in knots anymore :D

For the first team, the result means less than nothing. But it's good for the youngsters' confidence to get a positive result. This is probably one of the most important matches for them this season.

I'm guessing the magic mute button..

How is that different from any of the matches they play in the U-21?

Actually they face better opposition there.

They know Mourinho isn't demanding their second game in the pre-season to be where they'll ace.

Everybody is still with their bodies far from being ready... they aren't anywhere near sharp.

Without wanting to sound harsh, what does Marco Van Ginkel do above average? What attribute to his game is above that of say, a Championship-level player?

I think he might be facing two things: getting confidence after such a long recovery from a serious injury. He said he did some speacil thing in his right leg during the summer break to help his knee, so he may still be recovering some.

Also he doesn't want to leave on loan, so he may be overplaying or playing nervously trying to impress the boss. He's young, he's in a tough position, especially for someone his age. He doesn't have experience to back him up in the injury aspect and recovery and in the confidence and emotions management. He's learning everything... I'd say we wait a bit more before judging him at all - for bad or for worse.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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