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19. Diego Costa

Started by DavidEU,

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10 hours ago, Pizy said:

I would hope we aren't a club that will be held to ransom by Diego Costa. Either we get a fee we think is satisfactory or I hope we keep him. Conte was able to talk him off the edge so to speak in January. Maybe he can do it again.

Unless we're just desperate as hell to see the back of him, £26m is derisory for one of the world's best strikers. He's worth double that at least in today's market.

I guess, theoretically, we can keep him and he would have to perform his best especially with it being a WC year.

But I just don't think Conte is the type of manager who would include him in his plans after all he's said. And, in practice, I have a feeling that keeping him would not end well. He's a player who's level is reliant on his mood and keeping here unhappy probably won't help anyone and would only lower his value further. 

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8 hours ago, Bernard N Y Burgesson said:

the truth of the matter is Costa is not that good to command such fees in this situation. I don't know if i am the only one who sees it. Everyone saw how good he can be and how crap he can be, and the crap seems to outweigh the good. Lets take  Costa(bayern) for example. Bayern don't want him but they can command not less than 50m euros for him. look at James(madrid), it is fair to say he has no plans in real madrid, but he can command not less than 60m pounds. Another example is Salah. Roma need to sell in order to avoid fair play penalties on 30 june but they are commanding 40m euros for him because he is that good.

Now back to costa, every player can have crap periods but some players can't afford such periods or their value drops. Hazard can have a whole crap season and be sold for 80m pounds and i dont think costa can do same.

 if you where an owner of any big club would you pay 40m+ for costa in this current situation. No. Lets say it was the other way round and that chelsea are going to buy Costa from Atletico would you be happy as a fan if chelsea are going to pay the asking price of 50m when the club want him sold.

I see where you are coming from mate. I don't think anyone outside of Chelsea fans actually thinks Costa is 'world class'....whatever that means!

But regarding prices, the market is almost completely random, especially with new TV and sponsorship deals almost every year. We could 100% get 50m for Costa if say a club like PSG wanted him. I mean we almost got - what was it? 60m? 70m?- for him in Jan from China. 

I think the days were 'market value' and selling prices of players were an indication of anything are probably behind us.

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I think Atleti will want to make this relatively smooth, accept a decent price for him and lets all just move on. If they try to fuck with us and low ball I would almost rather we sit his ass down and just leave him to rot without playing as opposed to taking a shit price. Such a shame he is leaving like this and tarnishing all the fans memories of him.

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40 minutes ago, milan.cech said:

This is asking for an AVB treatment.

At least now we know who has been causing the commotion in Chelsea is the immature costa and not Conte like Henrique and Co want us to believe 

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