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Netherlands v Argentina Match Discussion Thread

Started by Jason,

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Van Gaal did everything he could do and righty so got all the praise. Most Dutch media and fans are proud of his achievements because most of us didn't even think we'll make it past the group. He brought in this new generation of players and turned into a cohesive unit. Players such as, de vrij, indi, depay, blind, wijnaldum will probably make some nice transfers to more competitive teams and that'll make holland even stronger in 2016.

A lot of us didn't expect much of this team, but most Dutch fans are probably excited for the euros already. Van Gaal deserves all the praise.

Sorry, mate. I don't have any intention to offense Holland NT. I just hate the Van Gaal MU version media lovefest, mainly because of what he achieved with Holland. Very, very unrelated.

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I have the utmost respect for Argentina's solid defense and the class they got in the offense (Messi, Di Maria, Agüero, Higuain, Palaci) we can only dream of. But they have not really used that class and converted into goalfests. Their attacking tactics look one-dimensional and solely based on the individual class of their players. That will not suffice against our defense. We defend and attack as a team, we will dominate the midfield, which will allow us to dictate the pace. We will make the game faster and faster until the brave Mascherano, Perez, Garay etc finally make a mistake. When you allow us to play our game, you have already lost. Also Di Maria is out and we should have a nice height advantage at set pieces, Argentina only got 2 outfield players above 1,85m, we should have 5 to 7. Argentina is not to be underestimated and I bet Löw and his team won't, so everything is on us. We can gift this title to them or win it ourselves, When we are at our best, Argentina can try everything they want, they will not have the slightest chance.

That giant win against Brazil really made you guys overconfident. Except for that match and Portugal, you've had quite a difficult tournament (Ghana could have screwed you big time if their players were a bit less selfish for example. Algeria proved very very difficult...). You're not suddenly the best team ever, although by now you of course deserve the title.

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