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Brazil v Germany Match Discussion Thread

Started by Jason,

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Is anybody else still in awe? I know this Brazil team was average at best, and many of us thought Germany would win anyway, but it still seems so surreal. I could barely believe what I was watching.

Germany scored 5 goals in 18 minutes. THAT'S FIVE GOALS. IN EIGHTEEN MINUTES. IN A SEMIFINAL. AGAINST BRAZIL........IN BRAZIL! :blink:

The Brazilian paper with the headline 'An Embarrassment for Eternity' does it justice, the enormity of that statement doesn't come across as hyperbole to me at all.

The only constant on my TiVo is the 2012 Champions League final, everything else gets deleted after a few watches. Napoli comeback? Deleted. 2012 FA Cup final? Deleted. Epic Game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals? Deleted. But I'm keeping this game so I can randomly watch it every now and again and try to make sense of what happened.

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Schurrle clearly thought "fuck it" though when he came on... :lol:

The Mail ran the same story.Except when you read it..not quite what they made out..surprise surprise

''We just made it clear that we had to stay focused and not try to humiliate them,' he said.

‘We said we had to stay serious and concentrate at half-time. That’s something you don’t have to show on the pitch if you are playing.

‘You have to show the opponent respect and it was very important that we did this and didn’t try to show some magic or something like this. It was important we played our game for 90 minutes.’'

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