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Special Juan

Cesc Fàbregas

Started by Special Juan,

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11 hours ago, Jason said:

Just need Carragher to go into management next...

he might end up spitting on his players tough, nasty scouser git

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19 minutes ago, xPetrCechx said:

Shame we get rid of players that actually want to be here...

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If he wanted to stay here he wouldnt have accepted Monaco's offer in all fairness. He didnt want to be a second choice/string player, which is why he was open to the offer as it guaranteed him more of a chance to play, which is more important than money, and in all fairness it was either going to be this month or the summer it happened with his contract running down. As well as the clubs stance on over 30s and wanting to rebuild the squad he would probably have been an unfortunate casualty anyway but I think he had plenty to offer still.

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42 minutes ago, mccg said:

Lol. Thats why i always  wonder why players consider managers as major factors in tgeir move decisions. 

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6 minutes ago, MoroccanBlue said:

Get rid of Costa and put Xavi. Mad he didn't include him. 
I'm also sure he only chose Pique over Puyol given he is best mates with the former. 

Well, it's his team, obviously personal relationships matter :) I was surprised with Viera, I forgot they play together, and Cesc is still only 31, it's crazy...

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Cesc Fabregas hits out at Maurizio Sarri and Jorginho





Speaking at a Monaco press conference on his time back in the Premier League as well as his experience in Ligue 1 so far, Fabregas stated: "I like to have new objective.

"All the time for me it's important to have a new objective in my head.

"I was at Chelsea and I could have renewed my contract and stayed there but a new coach came with a player that for him was like his son.

"For me it was difficult to play every single game and that's what I want to do. I love football. I don't want to just be happy to play for Chelsea.

"For whatever reason it was impossible for me even if I was better, or someone else is better, to play every match and I decided to come to a project that was different for me and I think it will give me so much satisfaction."



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