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Special Juan

Derailing of threads and constant bickering

Started by Special Juan,

Once again I am bumping this topic because of constant bickering and personal insults. I'd like to remind every single member around here that you can have your opinion, but display it in the right way, every member has the right to an opinion but please do not be aggressive or personal when coming across with your own opinion. Whilst an internet forum isn't a perfect place it would be nice to try and make TC as near as damn it, and it can be achieved with very good debate and respecting other peoples opinions in the same way. Over the last few weeks it's become very hard to read topics without having to sift through mountains of absolute nonsense talk, whether it be abuse, insults or aggressive posting from one member to another. Our job as staff members are to keep this forum flowing and moving forward, it's your jobs to help us do that, so please help us take the forum forward and make it work the way we all want it too.

Thank you.

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To say I'm fed up of the personal insults is an understatement.

People are entitled to opinions. They will disagree with you, and their views may differ. Respect that. Do not make things personal.

May I direct you to the following post:

Sigh - so now this has escalated into a user vs admins thread.

Yes, tensions are high and everyone is sick of the poor performances

BUT let's not turn on each other!!!

I, 100% respect and appreciate those loyal to Jose, I admit my head is now turned and I don't see him here for the future - but that's just my opinion.

I always want the best for Chelsea and as none of us can change Mourinho's mind we can't exactly achieve much.

However, rational, informed debate is very valuable - let's try and get back to that.

Don't attack another member just because you disagree with them! Read what they have written, analyse it, identity how it differs from your view and then write down why!

No need for personal insults - no need for geographical racism - people are on here to contribute and that's good!

I'm also about to make a donation - Jim does sterling work and this is easily the best forum in town and the nicest to use and navigate. I also urge you ALL to make a donation too - even if it's 50p! (edit looks like £1 is min donation)

It's fine to be angry too - but remember angry people make silly mistakes - I would hate to see any of you excluded from this forum.

Let's get back to discussing football, or our lack of it :)

In addition, I've seen several people say that "if you disagree with a Mod, you get banned". This is grossly unfair - anyone who has an issue with the way this forum is moderated should contact me. Jim is away and has asked me to step up from deputy and run the website until he returns - ergo, if you have any queries/concerns/things you wish to discuss, drop me a private message.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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