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Rumoured John Stones

Started by Sidzeret,

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10 hours ago, OhForAGreavsie said:

Why blame him for your misjudgement?  Or are you saying that you are the fraud? :-) 

Well I wasn't the only one who believed it as he ended up in Manchester for that crazy fee. But yeah, maybe I am a bit fraud myself since I bought into the media hype and I kept lecturing how he's definitely worth it :D 

But the transfer fee doesn't matter anymore as the Chinese have ruined the transfer market once and for all. Poor old Fernando Torres is probably still suffering from the burden of his price tag and yet whenever a player moves for 50 million in 2017 nobody even blinks an eye. 50 million is peanuts in today's football as crazy as it sounds.

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17 hours ago, Yeboii said:

I think he is a really good player playing in a kind of a broken team where Pep can't organize them in defense, and he is paying the price. If Stones would be here under Conte I think he would be a terrific player!

I agree but Conte will make many players look great. We have very similar player in Andreas Christensen so I'm glad to have 40+ millions in the pocket. 

Try not to laugh challenge. When you think that people suggested that signing John Stones would prevent us from disastrous 2015/16 season. :D

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