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Closed Man City v Chelsea

Started by Jason,

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Fucking hell!!First Terry was rested just as a precaution and should be available against wba then he is not ready for wba but will be fit for city and now he aint fit to play against city as well and I wont be surprised if we hear the same words next friday :rant: .

It's disappointing and concerning for us, but not totally unexpected - unfortunately. Given him record in the past two years, I'm actually quite happy and relieved he's played so many months for us without any problem. It's been six months with him playing all EPL and UCL matches, while not only being fit, but at the top of his form.

I wish this could go on forever, but given his age and injury record in recent years, unfortunately it was prone for him to catch an injury. Hopefully it was a small one and they're indeed sparing him to prevent it from becoming something much worse when we'll need him the most.

What really disappoints me is that we don't have Cahill either now. Now that's really complicated and somewhat unexpected - at least for me.

edit: should we win today, I'm doing my little dance (recorded) in each of my kits - home, away and third, one for each win. Otherwise, it'll only be the one I bet :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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