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love cfc

Ryan Bertrand

Started by love cfc,

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21 minutes ago, Barbara said:

No thanks, we should add quality, not only numbers. Typical average, one dimensional player.

Actually, Chelsea do need numbers. HG numbers. Cahill, Moses, Fabregas and possibly Christensen won't suffice. A move for Bertrand would make sense. I don't rate him highly either but as a back-up he would be useful.

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1 hour ago, xPetrCechx said:


The daily mail are really on some kind of crusade, aren't they?

First the shock interview with Costa, and now this. Can't forget their investigation on Drogba's charity foundation either.

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Not going to beat around the bush to be honest but who cares what he said. I read the article and the quote "The times I did play it was like an audition. And that is never healthy." got me thinking did he expect to be given the starting birth or wouldn't have to make an impression in limited playing time if he wasn't in favour or first choice? Just a crappy dig at the club. 

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