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Mohamed Salah

Started by Jim,

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What would be tragically funny is if Salah, mane and Can fuck up their CL final because of this ramadan fasting stuff. I remember how torrid Salah was in pre-season for us when he was fasting, a complete zombie on the pitch when he really needed to impres, maybe he would be still here if he had looked more like giving a shit about playing at Chelsea back then. Not to eat for the majority of the day is no problem, once conditioned, I did intermittent fasting myself for years. But the no drinking bullshit is absolutely horrendous for you body no matter how well you are conditioned. Clubs should genuinely check the scheduling of Ramadan in advance before deciding to sign a practicing Muslim key player.
Not sure what's funny about that scenario. Anyway, it will be over an hour before KO in Kiev

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