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Closed Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea

Started by Jason,

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It's all ifs bc no one knows what would have happened if he kept hazard for example. Why are people so sure we would have scored in 20 minutes when we didn't in 70?

How are they keeping it realistic if they don't properly give the team time and have no patience? We aren't the end product yet, so there's no reason for Mourinho to take risks with a team that proved if anything it isn't reliable yet. I'll take that one point and Mourinho's supposedly coward approach, if that's how they call it.

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Ofcourse we don't know but it doesn't justify the decision to take him off! And I doubt anyone was saying Mourinho should take risks away at Arsenal but the substitutes did not have any impact. Hazard and Willian both off meant that the attack was disjointed for the last few minutes. Don't mean that he should have thrown on a striker and gone gung-ho for it. A point at Arsenal is good obviously and the performance was also fine but I didn't agree with Jose's subs in the game.

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