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The Ancelotti Thread

Started by CFC_4EVER,

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8 hours ago, Mana said:

Thank goodness Wenger just signed a new deal and Carlo was sacked when it was too late, otherwise he could have been Arsenal's man...

But all top 6 teams got their managers, so unless he wants to manage Everton or something he's gonna have to wait...

I would love it if Arsenal get him. They may do better in Europe (still not enough to win) but domestically he would be a marginal improvement on Wenger, at best.

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I'd like to see him at Juventus in all fairness. Allegri has had a good stint and got to the CL final and what not but reckon someone like Carlo could help them win it. Or maybe I could be wrong but think he'd be a good fit there. Can't see Allegri staying in Italy forever something gives me the feeling he wants a crack at the Prem.

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