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10. Willian

Started by Jason,

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23 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

But like @Vesper said Matt Law reported it too and I think GENERALLY he does seem in the know for things Chels.

But I do see where you're coming from.

There were far too sources for it to be a complete smokescreen, especial when the exact time of the offers was given, especially the last one. In the last 2 years or so I have never seen Law push a complete bullshit story. 

If you look at Barca's situation and Willian's standing, it makes a lot of sense. Dembele was really coming off a pretty poor year BUT he was not foing to be sold. He is a legit long term project they dropped (with add-ons) £135m on. That is more than double Willian's final offer. Willian was coming off a pretty solid 4 year run, and was at an age where they could get 3 or 4 years of solid play out of. He can play either wing, and is really good at tracking back (his main reason he plays). He also was the darkhorse key player for the Brasilian national WC team and was one of the few who performed at least somewhat decently.

He would have given time to fully raise up Dembele to complete integration level. His play for years (before this one) fits the Barca style fairly well.

Also, as I was a big fan (still am) of Malcom, I followed what was going on with him as well, eapecially feom primary sources in Bordeaux and at French national level. Their narratives (that Malcom was Barca's fall-back option if Willian deal fell through) all proved to be born out by actual events.

The Willian to Barca saga went on far far too long and was too documented by legit sources to be a fake, IMHO.

At some point stories are too big and long lasting and backed up to ignore and call bullshit on. Pulisic is a perfect example, and was pushed by many of the same vectors and personalities that drove the Willian narrative. Morata was another good example. 

The player himself said it was real.


Willian aims to stay at Chelsea and confirms bid from Barcelona
Willian says he intends to stay at Chelsea, and confirmed Barcelona made a bid to sign him.



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11 minutes ago, Unionjack said:

SURELY we couldn't be so lucky!

Barcelona ready to launch £50m player-plus cash bid for Chelsea winger Willian in deal which would see Brazilian Malcom go the other way



If this is true take it and run. 

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I got so excited at the prospect of him leaving I didn't even click to see who the supposed player barca are offering is lmao

But seriously, this story might be complete bs but if someone does offer us anything north of 30M, let's bite their hand off!

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It's plausible if they were as keen on him in the summer as has been reported, because Malcolm hasn't done much for them.

If they only need to add a few extra million on top of their outlay of Malcolm in the summer they may look at it as a good deal to get the player that they really preferred last window.

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1 minute ago, Sideshow Luiz said:

I came here to post the same thing.  This is surely false.  Things don't work out that well for us, do they?

I can see Mx Penny Pincher saying nothing less than £55 mill!! You watch! 08c00d4eee712f2aace7fc34c4f06f7f.gif

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Not 100% sure on Malcolm, Dembele would be better option. I suppose getting him plus money for Willian is still a decent deal though.

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