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Joke Thread

Started by jonaaibosk,

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Silently I slipped the condom over my erect penis and unrolled it down the entire length of my throbbing shaft, never once losing eye contact with the young woman as she stared at me in wide eyed, jaw dropping disbelief ...

Then breaking the silence I spoke ...

"Yes, that seems to fit alright, I'll take the whole packet please ..."

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Q: Why did the stoner cross the road?

A: Who else would follow a chicken?

Q: What does Barbie use as a tampon?

A: A Tic-Tac.

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You know, I stayed up all night wondering when the sun went down. Then it dawned on me.


I've just bought the British Gas advent calendar. Every time I open a door, a granny dies of hypothermia.


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