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New Match Chat Room

Started by Jim,

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I like the idea, but there's something about the match topics. I love flicking back through old match topics, like Munich and Amsterdam, and reading through all the comments... from despair to absolute elation. That's something we wouldn't be able to maintain with the chat room.

So whilst the idea itself is good, at $40 I honestly don't think it is worth the investment, and I'd rather us invest that money in upgrading the current server even further.

But that's just my opinion! :)

but as far as I understand it will cost us 80/year, so it's not like we can improve a server with that amount of money...

I think the best thing about the chat is that it's stable, doesn't overload the server and you can actually post... even if the server we have now is definitely better than the previous one, we still had minor problems during matches in the pre-season that were scheduled in ungodly hours in Europe.

The real test is next week against Hull. If the server can hold up through an official match great, but if it can't, then it's better to have a chat where everyone can actually post instead of an unstable server that sometimes won't allow you to post...

but just like you, it's just my opinion ;)

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