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Antoine Griezmann

Started by Spike,

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6 hours ago, El P. said:

Do you seriously think Griezmann wanted to offend someone? :D:D:D

EDIT: I know it's oversimplification, but analogy is on point.

You answered your own question on the validity of the analogy there. What we’re talking about here isn’t really comparable to that. 

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6 hours ago, Leif said:

You said that those who disliked Emenalo had racism in them.

I said - “I'm going to say it now, some might not like it, but the dislike for Emenalo just smacks off as subliminal racism to me.” - you can infer that I meant it as a general blanket statement but I’m telling you now that I’m talking about some Chelsea fans. Maybe I didn’t convey my words properly and I regret not elaborating. There were obviously legitimate criticisms of Emenalo. If you don’t think the fan base has some racism problems then you need to open your eyes to it. There’s sometimes the odd idiot at games for example who’ll shout out a racial slur. Not to mention some of the more famous incidents i.e. the Paris train fiasco. 

Anyway, it’s back on topic for me from now onwards. 

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