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Official TC Video Compilation Competition

Started by CHOULO19,

Please be noted that TC will be holding a video making competition for our members. The members interested in participating should submit a video compilation of the Chelsea top goals of the season. The submitted videos will be voted on by our members after the deadline for one winner to be selected. The details for those interested are listed below:

Conditions: Any entry should have the following criteria in order to be considered valid:

- The subject of the video has to be "Top Chelsea Goals of the season".

- The entries must be submitted to this thread before the deadline.

- The video must include the TalkChelsea logo.

Deadline: The deadline will be May 13th but may be extended if the participants require more time.

Awards: The maker of the video that gets the most votes from members will be awarded:

- 50 rep points

- His video posted on the main website

- His Video will also be mentioned in the TC twitter account and posted on our Facebook page.

People who may be interested: @, @, @, @Feroze, @G.B., and @ANDRECHO.

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