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Lewis Baker

Started by Stats,

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41 minutes ago, Vesper said:

It is so depressing, I admit. I am deffo NOT a fan of shoving our young lads down into the cesspool that is the Championship. It is the cauldron of the worst of British footie. Violent, thuggish, so so not tactical, desperate, ageing English shit players who will do anything to keep on stealing a living. So so so much more a fan of sending them to Bundesliga, Serie A, etc.

Hell, send them to River Plate, Boca, Palmeiras ,Colo-Colo, Peñarol or other top class SA teams. It is inherently xenophobic to think they cannot learn down there. River Plate would smash us in more than a few matches in a best of 10 game series. 

Yeah agree, that old cliche if your good enough, you play for CFC whatever age should be =,funk it if u fail ,at least you might show so real desire and heart ffs, if your not good enough , then jog on 4 a while on the loan system (very very very few players, aka the footie lottery improve so much that they make it at a top team=stats prove that >if not  sell with a good buy back clause tap tap boom.

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