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World Cup General Chat

Started by Korea,

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found this great post on tumblr.

Chelsea well represented - sort of, lol - at the WC. And that's without counting the assists :)





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there's big homework for this Germany after they won WC. They must quickly searching for pure strikers, cos Klose is on his way out of Germany NT. Yes they have podolski, but he isnt good enough at all to be called world class striker. Mario Gomez is on worrying condition because of his injury (played only 5 matches this season).

We know Germany always had WC pure strikers in their old days, such as Gerd Muller and Jupp Heynckes in 70s, Rudi Voeller and Rummnigae (?) in 80s, Klinsmann and Biefhoff in 90s, and the late was Klose who sealed the all time world cup goal scoring record.

And their top 5 team in Bundesliga are worrying too. They dont have strikers from Germany. Except Stefen Kielsing maybe from Leverkusen, but even he had to compete with Korean Son heung min.

I know that they started to leave the "old school" football to a more technical football. But pure striker like Klose can be deadly in a certain situation

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Gisele Bundchen.

And she makes more money than Brady, btw. :)

And I grew up in that same state (southern Brazil)....

Is this a trend now?!

Spain has team based on only two clubs, Real and Barca with the odd reserve from elsewhere... they win it all.

Germany has a team, based on only two clubs, Bayern and Dortmund, with the odd reserve from elsewhere... they win it all.

National teams already do not entertain friendlies against clubs for obvious reasons (trashing?!), now countries/coaches have finally realized that all they have to do is to pick guys who play with one another all year long....

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