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Youth Team Jeremie Boga

Started by Eviltwinz93,

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2 hours ago, Tomo said:

If Boga was owned by Birmingham, was in and out of the team all season and we signed him, the "the board feckin signed Drinkwater" would be instead "the board feckin signed Boga".  Im not aiming this at you but the general double standards towards the loanee's is ridiculous.

Hmm, but Boga isn't owned by Birmingham and Boga has far more potential than Drinkwater will ever have. So we veiw Boga in a very differen't way, maybe slightly bias but still in a very different way to Drinkwater. Not just because we own him but because he is a more exciting player to watch. If I watched Boga at youth level and he played for Oxford United, I would still be a fan. If Drinkwater played for Real Madrid, i would still deem him average as fuck.

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5 hours ago, Magic Lamps said:

That is indeed a shame. The list of average players we bought for enormous amounts just to make up the numbers when we have the best academy in the world is mind boggling

Boga however always seemed an average player to me. Never really stood out and definitely not better than Pedro or Willian. He might have had bad luck but if he was that good he would have shone through.

He might have scored that wonder goal vs sheffield but other than that the Championship looked pretty much his level. I think of that class of graduates musonda, Rlc, abraham, boga etc none is good enough to be starter at a top5 club in the premier league ever. They are ofc good enough to play a bit part role like Drinkwater and I would love them to do so but I doubt they will be satisfied that so it is better to cash in.

Boga for me was an exceptional talent when I saw him in the youth teams. He was on another level compared to some of his team mates and opponents. He had skill, close ball control, excellent balance, dribbling. Was just so exciting to watch. He obviously right now is not better than Willian or Pedro but he has potential that if we allowed him to play in the team, he could easily surpass those two. I mean look at Maitland-Niles. He went to Ipswich on loan a couple of seasons ago and did set the world alight. He goes back to Arsenal and they eventually integrate him in the team and he is being talked of as a real talent. FWIW, I thought he was the best player on the pitch when they played United at OT few weeks ago.

But he mainly has got to excel because he is playing with top players rather than very average ones like he was playing in the Championship. I am a huge fan of youth football and I don't exaggerate when I say Boga is one of the best players I have seen in the youth set up. Has so much talent. I genuinely believe if he was at Ajax or someone, he would be linked with top clubs. Look at Justin Kluivert. Our U19 played Ajax U19 a few seasons ago in the UYL and Kluivert was a sub and was no way considered at that time better than our players who were playing. Yes, he was a sub for their U19 but he has been trusted to play for Ajax first team and now is linked with the likes of United and Barca.

At that time of playing them, Kluivert was no way better than Boga. But one is playing for Chelsea and the other is playing for a team who gives majority of youngsters a chance. I still remain the same view. You will only see the best of Boga if we give him a chance but I highly doubt it which is a shame.

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