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The Thread is Dark and Full of Spoilers: "Game of Thrones" discussion

Started by manpe,

991 posts in this topic

For goodness sake when are the ice walkers playing any part?

I'm tired of waiting every season just to only see them for a brief moment.

Think of their CGI budget. Expensive to show the White Walkers, hence why the Battle at the Fist of the First Men was totally cut out of Season 3.

However, I am hoping we'll see a little more this season.

Coldhands, anyone?
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I want to spoil something but i don't know how to hide it... anyone care to help?


use [ ] instead of ( )

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No he doesn't... :blink:

Did you read it ? Because i didn't. Somebody just told me, i guess he just lied to me(YAY).

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