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Domestic Cup Competitions thread

Started by Sheva.,

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I think we all do mate :lol:

Leeds or Millwall are calling....

We can dream chap. And one day i will drape a Ulster flag over the seats of Celtic park. One day...

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Only ones I can think of are Watford and Southend.

Southend was exceptionally good!

Scarborough away in 2004..cracking away end,terrace and grassy knoll only instead of having a sniper to kill our leader, with small town Yorkshire warmth they leave us a set of country park table and benches..the McCain stadium,death trap for midland" casuals". Wolves found that out when they climbed on the roof and that fan infamously fell through the roof. in about `89. Scarboroughs first game in the football league and wanky wolves fans who only would try it on against lil clubs at away games took a big away following and took the piss and atleast one fan got really messed up for it. although the fan who hurt himself was standing on the roof of the away stand with others it`s not clear if he was there to cause trouble.

then there`s Colchester home in 2006

Barnet taking us to a replay in `94 .

only real stand outs for me that haven`t already been mentioned in recent years..

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Happy with the draw as well as happy with other pairs - Liverpool might be out, one of Man United/Newcastle will be out, just like one of Man City/Villa.

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Capital one cup is such an ugly mouthful.

I still call it the league cup, that is it's rightful name anyway. And i agree with the boring draw, it's nice to see Chelsea against lower league teams with shitty grounds like when we had Scarborough away in 2003 or whenever that was. League Cup is shit tho and not many teams left so i suppose it's harder to get such a draw in that. The Fa Cup 3rd round draw has more Chance.

All in all, a good draw for the players. I'm sure the youngsters will play. Can imagine Piazon, Marin, Oscar and Sturridge ripping them a new arsehole tbh.

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4th round draw:

Sunderland vs Boro

Swindon vs Villa

Wigan vs Bradford

Leeds vs S'hampton

Norwich vs Spurs

Liverpool vs Swansea

Chelsea vs Man u

Reading vs Arsenal

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Seriously not the draw that I wanted but least we're home. Small consolation. Anyway, we will be playing Man United twice in 3/4 days in October:

Oct 28 Chelsea v Man United (EPL)

Oct 30/31 Chelsea v Man United (LC)

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