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Need a US or Hong Kong PSN Account?

Started by Ollie,

I just found out how to get a US PSN Account so i can download the FIFA 13 demo. There are also loads more things and games in the US Store than in the EU one!!

Step 1 = Create a new account

Step 2 = Go to 10 minute mail and get an Email Address you only need to use once

Step 3 = The Address.

Street Address 1: "Microsoft Corp"

Street Address 2: "1290 Avenue of the Americans"

City: "NY"

State/Province: "New York"

Postal Code: "10104"

It works, it genuinely works.

For Hong Kong this is the address.

Street Address 1: "1 Harbour Rd"

District: "Hong Kong"

City: "Wan Chai"

Country Region: "Hong Kong"

Once you have done this, the demo's games etc will be in all your accounts so you can just go back and play it as you :lol:

Thank you and goodbye :tophat:

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Man I've created over 64 accounts on my ps3. That is the maximum you can create to any one system. So I'ma have to wait for the UK demo to be released. Looong!

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Guys just thought I'd say, although this method works (Been tempted many times to do it :)). It breaks Sony's T&C's. And although to my knowledge they've never punished anyone for it, breaking Sony's T&C's is always a risk.

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