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The General Football Thread

Started by Melanicus,

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Theres been a few moans just lately about Diego wanting to move back to AM and he had tried last summer to get the move done.

Obviously this didn't happen. ?But he got his head down and has scored a few goals for us.

The moans are along the lines of Diego is a traitor, Diego is selfish, Diego can do one cause I only weant players here who want to be here etc etc,

But just imagine playing with some diva who comes out saying that he wants the club to get rid of6 of his own team mates for various reasons!

Now how would you think the dressing rooms atmosphere is like after those statements?

Would you keep him on or cut the poison out? Or is he bigger than the team and what he says goes?

Cristiano Ronaldo wants Real Madrid to sell these players: Man United and Chelsea on alert

CRISTIANO RONALDO reportedly wants Real Madrid to sell up to six players this summer.


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Monaco have been excellent this season and deserve to win Ligue1 but fuck me what a disaster for PSG, right up there with failure on Man City and United scales.

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Both stress & genetic predisposition are the main causes of heart attacks. It's a myth that obesity, inactivity, etc, is as bad as they make out. Inactivity may increase your chances of heart attack by 40%, so athletes are safe from that, but stress can put your chances of 'something' to over 200% - it's just Russian Roulette which decides if you're lucky enough to have a breakdown only, or if you go further into heart attack, stroke, or whatever. 

None of us can escape predisposition though, that's 1 thing I wish more people took to heart. We can do everything in the world, but nature's nature, and we can't control it or our body's future - we can just line up our ducks carefully and hope it improves our chances at health. 


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It's weird that one year and a month ago the same thing happened to Patrick Ekeng, the Dinamo Bucharest player who collapsed on the pitch during a game. That was very painful for us here and a lot of fuss was created around his death. Some voices claimed that the Africans have a bigger genetic predisposition for heart issues. 

It's very sad to see enthusiastic, young athletes passing away. 

Rest in peace, Cheik! 

Edit: someone posted this on Red Cafe: https://mallamgoal.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/are-black-african-footballers-more-prone-to-suffering-on-pitch-cardiac-arrests/

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