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Opposition Views Questions

Started by Jim,

Realistic aims for the season?

How do they rate our young trio at AM?

Hugo Lloris or Brad Friedel?

Score Prediction?

Something like that, maybe with a bit more expansion in the questions lol.

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How do you rate Steven Caulker? I think he's everything the modern defender can dream of.

What were your thoughs on Jamie O'Hara, despite his off-field behaviour and comments, do you think he could have been an interesting option with his passing range and crossing ability?

Do you think that Adebayor was paradoxally the reason why Spurs couldn't be a realistic title contender last season despite his 17 goals and 11 assists due to his incredible waste in terms of opportunities in the play and goalscoring chances?

AVB was tried different styles in his match clothing: casual, club training, tight tie, undone tie... which one do you prefer?

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Looking at the start Spurs have had so far and compare it to Chelsea's last season under AVB (the four straight wins), do you fear that there is a possibility that things could go sour after a potential loss to a big/rival club later on in the season (similar to when things went sour after the Liverpool game in December last season for AVB)?

Do you trust Daniel Levy's decision to replace Redknapp who really just bought players for the short term (with the likes of Gallas,Saha,Freidel,Nelson) with AVB who is looking to kind of build something for the future (with the likes of Lloris,Caulker,Vertoghen,Dembele,Sigurrdsson) ?

Do you rate Oscar at all and wish that he made the move to White Hart Lane rather than Stamford Bridge? If you do/don't, why?

Do you see Spurs' winning the league in the next 2, 3, 4 or 5 years under Villas-Boas if he gets time to implement his philosophy and ideas at the club?

Who do you think suits AVB's philosophy more Sandro or Scott Parker and why?

Thoughts on Defoe. Is he too wasteful in front of goal? Can he continue scoring this season and get over 20 goals?

What did you think on deadline day when apparent Chelsea and Man Utd target Joao Moutinho was minutes away from making the move to White Hart Lane? Do you think he would have been that sort of Modric-esque player that yous are now missing? Would he provide that creativity from deep that is maybe missing from the current Spurs side without Modric?

Do you think top 4 is a realistic target for Spurs or would you say top 6 is more realistic for this season? Then maybe next season after the club signs a few more players (like another striker, another midfielder and another center back all of a fairly good quality) then the club can go have a crack at the top 4?

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Roberto Di Matteo gave you some bad memories as a player, how did you feel when he came back as manager and did it all again? (not just with the FA semi but the consequences of Munich at your end).

or is that too harsh a question for someone doing this voluntary?

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Do you know what ship has never stopped in Liverpool? The premiership.... :Goober:

Na I'll do some serious questions haha..

Do you think Clint Dempsey would of made an impact if he had signed for Liverpool instead of Spurs?

What do you make of wee Raheem Sterling, best talent since Gerrard/Owen to come out of the youth set up?

What do you make of Rodgers philosophy, is it the right one for Liverpool in your honest opinion?

What do you make of Joe Allen and does his performances justify his pricetag?

Can Rodgers bring Premiership success to Liverpool in his reign?

Suarez, diver or constantly fouled?

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Where do you expect to finish in the table (this should be fun to read :lol: )

A lot of praise has been given to Suarez lately as the best player in your team, do you think you are a one-man team?

Would you take Torres back now?

Predict the result.

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