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Started by BlueLion.,

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8 minutes ago, petre.ispirescu said:

Oscar would be such a fool to reject this move. Overrated player, found out big time, what's there left for him in Europe? Valencia? Milan based teams? Clearly not good enough for a top club and none of the 2nd string clubs would even get near to what Chinese offer him in terms of wages. This kind of bid definitely comes hand in hand with a big time salary. Take the money and run, do yourself a favour and do a favour to us, too, after years of false hopes that someone could actually turn a fraud into an actual footballer. 

This kind of post is unnecessarily harsh. Oscar never gave anything but his best for this club. If he was short on quality, and I've been saying so since Christmas 2012, that is not his fault. It is the fault of the people who recruited him.

Once they get past the development squads, professional footballers would be out of their minds to read fan forums but, on the off chance that they might, why should they have to put up with aggressive posts like yours?  What exactly is it you think the bloke did wrong? What can he possibly do apart from his best?

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24 minutes ago, Miguelito said:

He's known to be pretty reliable with Chelsea things.  He did deny that Luiz would be returning for a whole day, then the next morning said something like "well....I was wrong, he is returning to Chelsea".  Clearly on that one his source(s) were just behind on getting the news.

This is unbelievable if we get that much.

Thank you, I was just relaying the message that he's apparently been wrong before about us before. Your post gives me much more hope. 

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Someone needs to send Shanghai SIPG and AVB this clip to remind them of this amazing Brazilian 'Wonderkid'. I mean look at that goal and you know he is sure worth £60m <_<.

But really that's all he did for us and a hat trick against a league 1 team. An average, average player that has very low footballing IQ and limited physical ability.

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Oscar is weighing up a £60 million offer from Shanghai SIPG that would make him Chelsea's most lucrative ever sale, a source close to the player has confirmed to ESPN FC

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