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pride of lions

Tommy Docherty or Dave Sexton

Started by pride of lions,

Managers come and managers go, and in recent years faster than usual. But who has been your favourite manager?

In the modern era Sexton got us out first trophy, Hoddle IMHO was a shit manager but fair play to him by attracting the players that he did he effectively started the revolution with the likes of Ruud, Franco, Robbie etc. Luca won a shitload of silverware, Jose won us the title back to back, Carlo won us our first double and Robbie our first Champions League title.

So quite a task but who is the top man for you guys?

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was going to do a run through of all managers starting with tommy doch ,,but that was before the Forum got busted ,, for me Tommy could have been the best

except for that game at Blackpool.

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