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Announcement regarding transfer talk

Started by termninja,


In order to keep the transfer section clean and organized due to recent major activity I must ask you to pay more attention to your posts, and more accurately to avoid posting about another player in a specific player topic. It is a potential trigger for going off topic and if someone is reading a thread about Falcao, he doesn't want to read 20 posts about other potential forwards we could sign and what people think about them...


Eden Hazard thread

User A: I really like Hazard, it would be a great transfer if it happened.

User X: Henri I love you (lol)

User B: We should sign Muniain, cheaper and better.

User C: No, we shouldn't, Muniain is too young.

User B: Do you watch Bilbao games at all?

User C: Yes, and he is still too young for PL.

User D: Forget Muniain, we should go for Lavezzi.


Yes, you are still allowed to mention another player in a specific thread, but really do try to avoid it. Find his thread through the search tool (check this photo for fastest search) or use the General Transfer Talk thread. If there is no thread for that player, you are allowed to create it, but use the thread prefix named wishlist to show people that he hasn't been linked with us if there have been no reports of our interest in that player.


Another things members need to be aware of, is that when posting a link to a foreign website, you must supply an adequate translation to English language. It's easier for you to do it once, then 30 users to do it after you post and 20 users not to even look at your link since they won't bother. Whether you use google translate, or translate the whole article yourself it's down to you.

Thanks in advance


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Please stop the unnecessary topic bumps.

If you wish to talk about players in general then please use the general transfer topic.

Bumping threads for no reason is SPAM - stupid, pointless and meaningless. Please refrain from unnecessary topic bumps.

Persistent offenders will have posting rights revoked.


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