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Adam Maher

Started by Funkyflashman,

Think he's received a mention in passing on this forum but no real talk so I thought I'd put it up.

Been talking to a Dutch friend of mine who's a big Feyenoord fan and he really rates this guy. Played mostly in the Xavi role with AZ last season and would be a good long term prospect for a creative central midfielder. Already in the mix for the Dutch senior team.

Not saying we are linked with him, or that we need him as such, but i thought he was interesting enough to warrant some discussion.

Anyone else seen much of him?

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In all honesty he will probably be great in a few years. But right now, I would rather Strootman, ManUtd are trying to sign him. Fergie seems to rate Strootman in the same class as Keane. Keane was indeed scum but he was a hell of a player.

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