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David Luiz

Started by BlueLion.,

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already thought he was amzin after his 20 mins against liverpool, fell in love after his overhead kick, after united i exploded :Dblue%20scalf.gif my favourite player bar danny sturridge

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absolutely love this guy! so amazing, just scared he dives in a little too much but he'll mature thru that hopefully

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I loved watching him. My only concern is because of Fergie's rant and the media kissing Fergie's.... that refs may watch him a little closer. Any bets on him being sent off at OT later?

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Cant believe there were people against signing himhuh.gif

Could u imagine the sense of regret we would have felt if we saw him put these performances on at the Bernabeu or good for bid Eastlands? ohmy.gif

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First line of defence

3rd Mar 2011, In Articles, by Alex Hinsley David Luiz’ sensational goal on Tuesday evening did not only make him an instant fans’ favourite – but it also underlined his supreme attacking qualities.

Described by Dunga, the Brazilian national team manager as a true “footballing defender,” Chelsea fans have already been given an exclusive insight into the powerful centre back’s desire to join in with the attackers.

A scintillating volley in front of the Matthew Harding Stand began an instant love affair with the Stamford Bridge faithful. It was also a finish that Fernando Torres, Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba et al would all have been proud of – and a goal that has turned the tide of Chelsea’s fortunes this season.

Make no mistake – Chelsea are not back in the title race, and in fact, our victory against Manchester United may only have improved Arsenal’s odds of ending a trophy run so hilariously extended by last-minute calamity on Sunday afternoon.

But a victory in our game in hand would not only see Chelsea re-establish themselves as a top three outfit, displacing Manchester City in the process, it would also see the gap between themselves and Sir Alex Ferguson’s wounded outfit to nine points.

That being taken into consideration – the damage has already been done. Costly defeats against Birmingham and Sunderland have put paid to our title chances. A win over Liverpool almost a month ago might have resulted in a different equation, but Chelsea supporters should be contented in the knowledge Champions League football looks much more likely after a brace of confidence-inducing wins over Copenhagen and now United.

Even with trips to Anfield, the Emirates and what looks like a potential title decider at Old Trafford against Carlo Ancelotti’s defending champions, the title seems very much so United’s to lose.

Arsenal will try their best and come closer than they have done in many a season, but years of experience coupled with a wonderful ability to produce when necessary will see United over the finish line with a point or two to spare, one imagines.

Luiz’ sumptuous effort will certainly go down as one of the more memorable goals of the 23 year old’s career so far, and whilst the debate in regards to whether he should have perhaps been sent off for admittedly cynical and idiotic fouls on Hernandez and Rooney whilst still on a yellow will predictably rage on judging by Ferguson’s history of bitterness and being a sore loser – as well as him just generally being a despicable, loathsome hypocrite.

On Tuesday, Ramires ensured insult was added to grievous injury as Nemanja Vidic was dismissed in stoppage time for the most innocuous of fouls – though few can have any complaints considering the ‘totting-up process’ that saw Martin Atkison acknowledge several acts of thuggery; including a thunderous studs-up effort on Didier Drogba’s ankles.

But with the dismissal – or lack of – surrounding Vidic and Luiz still a hot topic, a secondary debate has emerged in regards to Chelsea’s number four – his position.

With all respect to the player, who possesses wonderful skill and confidence to match (as demonstrated by the guts he has to sport such an incredible hairstyle), he frankly scares the shit out of me.

As a centre back, he likes to get up close and personal with his opponents – and, as best demonstrated by his concession of a penalty at Craven Cottage, that involves some haphazard, touchy-feely defending in the penalty area. He also enjoys forays into opposition territory, thus neglecting his defensive duties. Granted his athleticism and considerable stamina see that more often than not his adventures forward are quickly countered by a 50-metre sprint back into the defence, Luiz still leaves a sizeable gap that is sometimes left unplugged.

However, it must be said that after only his third game in English football he will, with time, adapt to a different footballing culture and learn the discipline required when playing as part of a rearguard. In Portugal, such is the all-out attacking nature of their first division, defenders such as Luiz may well find themselves playing as midfielders at times – but in the Premier League, such risks should be addressed by the coach.

Ancelotti will therefore have to instil some restraint in the afro-sporting defender – that, or he could play him elsewhere.

The Fulham game showed his ability to operate as a full-back; his switch with Bane Ivanovic mid-way through the second period did not only see him demonstrate great attacking nous, but Chelsea fans became privy to a hidden talent; Luiz long throws. Such a weapon could be effectively utilised – cue the inevitable images of Rory Delap hurling a football into the penalty area at 30 miles-per-hour.

Alternatively, such is the player’s diversity, he could even be played as a midfielder. As to where he could be played is debatable, however. Judging by Florent Malouda’s recent showings, a pop on the left wing might not be out of the question. Of course, realistically-speaking, a player who performed so well for Benfica in a variety of roles should be played in one of his primary positions- but when you have a player with such attacking instincts, a place within the midfield quartet should certainly be considered.

Ultimately, Luiz’ versatility will be a key aspect of any potential trophy triumph for Chelsea in the future – though his immediate influence should not besmear the long-term overview. Chelsea have signed a wonderful, wonderful talent in this young Brazilian defender, and, like fellow countryman and former Benfica team-mate Ramires, has certainly already come to warrant a hefty price tag.

Luiz has come to represent the first line of defence with his defensive enthusiasm matched with an unquenchable thirst to attack. He is also an insight into the foreseeable future – and what an exciting future it may well be.

Peace. likes this

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Luiz is going to give me a heart attack sooner or later. He does some great things but he looks to always be on the verge of doing something incredibly silly. Maybe that's why we all like him :champions:

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