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Roman Abramovich

Started by Sh0n3x,

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Is he wearing the same clothes on the bus parade as he was the night before during the final?

What a fucking legend! I know we all get frustrated with the number of managers sometimes but look what we've won. Compare that to arsenal who've won fuck all and i know which i'd rather!

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Y ?

8 years ago, SSC Napoli were in the Serie C. Now look at them. That transformation is bigger than what Roman has done with us, in 7 years he got the team promoted twice and qualify for the Champions League knockout stages.. Also, he didn't have the benefit of having hundreds of millions to spend.

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I think the greatest thing about him, what sets him apart from other tycoon owners (except that Jack Walker? bloke at Blackburn in the 1990s) is that he genuinely cares about the club. Most of us have at some point disagreed with his decisions but in hindsight, aside from the Mourinho/Grant/Shevchenko affair, they all make sense.

Off topic:

When it comes to cool Russians, a certain Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov lol's at this thread.

/Off topic.

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Any russian with the name Vladimir is cool!

Expection of RA.

My project management lecturer is named Vladimir. Hes awesome.

Is it racist or ingnorant that when he opened his mouth I assumed his name is Vladimir? :ph34r:

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