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Started by Spike,

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33 minutes ago, Vesper said:

Trump tweets video with ‘white power’ chant, then deletes it



fuck this Nazi cunt

motherfucker is willing to start a race war to distract from his ass getting smashed in the election

Amongs other things yup your right.....can you see now why I said the other day to you that a race war could easily escalate.

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Now let's cut to Watsontown, Pennsylvania for yet another look at a spitting, angry for no reason, white woman



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Sacha Baron Cohen Trolled a Right-Wing Event With a Ridiculous Singalong


After insisting that there would not be a second season of his headline-generating Showtime prank series Who Is America? because "it would be impossible," it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is back to his old tricks. The Borat star, who has made a long career out of making powerful figures incredibly uncomfortable and whipping unsuspecting crowds into a frenzy, stopped by the “March for Our Rights 3” rally in Olympia, Washington on Saturday, where he treated the event's attendees to his new song, which included lines about injecting Dr. Fauci with "the Wuhan flu" and chopping up mask-wearers "like the Saudis do."

Judging from the videos available online, the performance went over how you'd expect, with many of the event attendees cheering along to the song's intentionally provocative lyrics and responding to the comedian's call-and-response commands. Dressed in overalls, a hat, and a fake beard, Cohen appeared to be playing a new character, a type of right-wing political bluegrass singer. This could be a one-off prank or part of a new project from the notoriously secretive writer and actor. You can check out the clip yourself, below.

Not everyone found it amusing. As the Daily Beast notes in its write-up of the incident, the meet-up was hosted by the Washington Three Percenters, a far-right group that was quick to denounce Cohen's performance on their Facebook page. The organization claims that Cohen got "on stage, sang racist lyrics and made multiple hateful remarks then escaped in a private ambulance when security and attendee’s [sic] attempted to stop their hateful rhetoric."

In an interview with NPR, Matt Marshall, the the founder and former leader of the group, detailed how exactly Cohen ended up on the stage. Apparently, a California-based group called Back To Work USA, which claimed to be looking to support conservative voices in largely Democrat states, contacted the organizers and offered significant financial support for the rally "in the $50,000 range" and provided its own private security. "I mean, they played the game," Marshall told NPR. "We talked to them about how frustrating it was to be labeled racist, and they agreed with us. Like, we really let the guard down and trusted them."

The NPR piece provides a thorough breakdown of how exactly Cohen's team operates. Unsurprisingly, the results tend to piss people off. Yelm City Councilman James Blair, who was at the event and wrote about the fallout on Facebook, described Cohen's performance as "a bullshit stunt." 

For fans of Cohen's brand of confrontational comedy, this new stunt has clear echoes of the "Throw the Jew Down the Well" performance he did in character as his most famous character Borat as part of Da Ali G Show back in 2004. In 2006's gotcha-comedy blockbuster Borat, he performed the national anthem at a rodeo as Borat to an increasingly hostile crowd of onlookers. No matter the venue, the guy is pretty much always willing to go for it. 

With Cohen's ever-growing fame and the rise of social media, which can make any public conflict or politically charged interaction go viral, pulling off these performances has grown more complicated, and for a period it looked like Cohen was done putting himself in these often tense scenarios. Is he working on a new movie, a new show, or is this a one-off experiment? Maybe he simply got tired of looking at the news on his phone during quarantine and decided to start some trouble.

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Casey Short, Julie Ertz display the heart that’s needed



Watch them.

One was overcome by emotion. The other was overcome by compassion.

One cares so much it was hurting. The other saw her sister hurting and her reaction was to care.

One was Black. The other was White.

They knelt. They cried. They held each other. In doing so, Casey Short and Julie Ertz illustrated the way. Of course women would. Some of the key elements needed for this country to progress were so profoundly on display during the national anthem just before the Chicago Red Stars took on the Washington Spirit on Saturday. Love over politics. Acknowledgment over disrespect. Humanity over tradition. Those elements — love, acknowledgment, humanity — are usually missing from the discourse surrounding race. Undoubtedly, the discussion can still use much more. Something about this national conversation about inequity feels different in part because these elements seem to be part of the equation more than normal. In fact, they’re so present as to prompt skepticism.

But this organic moment before the second game of the National Women’s Soccer League’s Challenge Cup opening day was symbolic of what this unity can look like when it’s real.

“I think the emotions you saw Casey have prior to the game, and probably Julie at that point as well,” Chicago coach Rory Dames said, “I think a majority of our team has been having those kinds of emotions all day, struggling with what was the right thing to do or how do you show solidarity, and how do you support the Black Lives Matter movement and what’s going on.”

Before he got to the microphone for questions after the game, you could hear Dames, whose Red Stars lost 2-1, talking with someone about how his team “mentally (they) just cracked.” This is what players have been saying all along, trying to help people understand. It’s why Kyrie Irving was leading the charge to not finish the NBA season. Why the WNBA’s Renee Montgomery and Natasha Cloud announced they were skipping the WNBA season.

This moment is tremendous. The stakes are so major. With such comes emotional and psychological weight heavy enough to consume a person. Even for those who choose to play, many of them will be doing so with added density. You don’t need to know anything about Short to comprehend something major is pressing on her heart. You don’t need to know she was a six-time member of the dean’s list at Florida State and has a master’s degree for her pain to be worthy of acknowledging. You don’t need to know she’s overcome two season-ending injuries and fought her way back to feel good about having empathy.

Just watch her. Watch her.


Whatever it means to her was enough to drop her to her knees and cry like no one’s watching. Whatever is going on in her life and in her mind was enough to break the dam holding back the hurt. This is real. This is serious. Ancestors died for this. Grandparents worked all their lives to pass this down. Parents have been keeping this remembrance. This isn’t a debate to be won on social media. This is life. This is the struggle. Smiling through worry. Grinding through fear. Hoping through frustration. Every day. This means everything.

Now watch Ertz. Watch her.


She validated Short’s reality without explanation. She isn’t concerned with who is watching, or who will say what. She prioritized the person.

All these statues are coming down, and flags being discontinued, and names of known racists coming off buildings, because this country is finally acknowledging the hurt of Black people. As country music star Faith Hill tweeted about her native Mississippi state flag: “We have to realize that this flag is a direct symbol of terror for our black brothers and sisters.”

That is where the future begins, the very first step in any solution that will lead to equity and unity. Acknowledging that an entire community of people has been hurting for centuries.

Malcolm X once said if you stick a knife in his back nine inches and pull it out six inches, that’s not progress. Even if you pull it out all the way, that’s not progress. In order for progress to begin, he said, it starts with healing the wound the knife made. Healing. That’s where real progress begins.

Short clearly needed healing. Ertz was willing to give it.

Watch them.

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Cambridge University Press is offering complete books, etc. to download for free regarding race, protests & civil rights.

These are available for free until 12 July 2020.

The current protest and unrest in the United States has highlighted the corrosive effects of racism, discrimination and injustice. These things have no place in societies and by standing together we can be part of the solution. One of the most important things that we can do as a publisher is not just voice outrage, but provide research and data to inform progress. That’s why we are providing access to this collection featuring complimentary journal articles, book chapters and for a limited time, complete books. 


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Fucking Nutz:

Video: Melissa Rein Lively Goes On Rampage & Destroys All Face Masks In Target; Claims She Has Donald Trump’s Phone Number, But There Is Plot Twist Ending With Her $40k Rolex



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9 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:


its a publicity stunt for that cooning Trump-loving piece of dogshit

2020 minstrel show

he will not even be able to get on most state's ballots

fucking step n' fetchit


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Florida teen dies after conspiracy theorist mom takes her to church ‘COVID party’ and tries to treat her with Trump-approved drug


A Florida mother took her high-risk teenage daughter to a “COVID party” at their church, tried treating the girl at home with unproven drugs when she got sick — and then hailed her as a patriot after she died.

Carsyn Davis died June 23, two days after her 17th birthday, after she contracted the coronavirus, reported the News-Press, but former Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones detailed shocking claims in a medical examiner’s report about her illness.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated the teen’s last two week in the medical examiner’s report, which Jones said shows her mother, Carole Brunton Davis, had taken her June 10 to a church-sponsored event to intentionally expose her immunocompromised daughter, who had survived cancer at 2, to the potentially deadly coronavirus.

More than 100 mask-free children attended the event, and Davis gave her daughter azithromycin, an anti-bacterial drug with no known benefits for fighting COVID-19, after she developed headaches, sinus pressure and a cough, Jones reported.


Davis — whose Facebook page is awash in QAnon conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine and coronavirus misinformation and dubious legal theories — next put the girl on her grandfather’s oxygen machine after she “looked gray” on June 19.

Then she gave the girl hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug touted as a cure by President Donald Trump, despite evidence of deadly side effects, and Carsyn’s condition worsened.

Davis finally took her daughter to a hospital, where she was admitted to a pediatric intensive-care unit — but declined intubation until it was too late.

The hospital started plasma therapy on June 20 and 21, Jones reported, but Carsyn’s cardio-respiratory system was too seriously damaged and she died June 22.

“We are incredibly saddened by her passing at this young age, but are comforted that she is pain free,” Davis told the News-Press after her daughter’s death.

She told the newspaper her daughter was patriotic Christian who was involved with Operation Christmas Child and organized Christmas card writing for Ten Thousand for the Troops.

“Though she never wanted anything for herself, she was always making or buying gifts for others,” Davis said.

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and another Trumpian turd is sacked and flushed down the loo


so much winning!


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Serbian riot police batter rock-hurling protesters as thousands rally outside the parliament building for a second-day running amid claims the president is manipulating the country's rising coronavirus death toll numbers


We need this dictator to go down!

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