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Politics & Stuff

Started by Spike,

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Do you like Politcs? Yes? No? Could care less? Well in this grande topic we discuss politics.

Here is a test for those curious.


Don't take the test too seriously, and post your results if you want to.

My results lean heavily towards Liberty and Communism/Socialism. The stupid image extension isn't allowed on Talk Chelsea.

Keep things civil people.

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Where am I?


Smack bang in the middle.

In that respect the test was fairly accurate in representing my particular political views; I am not actively politically engaged as some people may be, which is ironic for a historian. Certainly not modern politics anyway. However I am certainly someone safely in the middle as I often express pro-commerce and nationalist (as in patriotism) opinions at the same time as being an advocate of civil liberties.

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Radical leftist, so this didn't really surprise me:


So I see there are a lot of leftists. We should organise a worldwide Trotskyist revolution :ph34r:

For the greater good, comrade. The proletarian revolution shall come swiftly.

The blind masses accuse Obama of being a Socialist. They shall crush them with cold truth.


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So much greeeeeen :D


I'm actually going to be voting for a political party really soon. It's gonna be my first voting as I'm 18 :D

Perhaps my vote can decide the fate of my country! lol

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