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The FIFA Thread v2

Started by Shane,

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1 hour ago, Special Juan said:

Yes much better. The set piece features are also much better. In previous versions both FK's and corners had the same type of ball delivery time after time. The circle from corners were you can position it is great and also the little tap of square to dip and loop FK's into the box is a great edition.

I like the change in set pieces, but the majority of my playing time is with my friends. They're going to know exactly where I'm placing my set pieces now...

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A few things that i feel in the game

- Shooting is a bit harder, I skyed a few shot, will just need adjust.

- The new set pieces will take time to master

- Is it just me but the game feel quite robotic not a smooth as fifa 16 (maybe just demo version). I feel like there is somekind of delay from running to shooting in term of animation (the transition feel a bit weird)

- Ball shielding is good but will be complained and patched a couple time I think as it can be quite too powerful

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