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Closed Chelsea 6 - 1 QPR

Started by Kieran.,

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  1. 1. MOTM?

    • Cech
    • Cole
    • Bosingwa
    • Terry
    • Ferreira
    • Essien
    • Lampard
    • Mata
    • Sturridge
    • Kalou
    • Torres
    • (SUB) Malouda
    • (SUB) Ramires
    • (SUB) Hutchinson

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Forever and ever we'll follow our masters,

We're Queens Park Wankers,

We're ruled supreme,

We're all mastered,

By you,

By you,

By you Chelsea bastards,

You sticked yer blue flag up our arse,

Up our arse,

Up our arse,

From Stamford Bridge to Wembley,

You sticked yer blue flag up our arse...

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Loved the celebration by Terry!

My apologies if I am pointing out the obvious. Did anyone else think he looked like he was sort of... apologizing???

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My apologies if I am pointing out the obvious. Did anyone else think he looked like he was sort of... apologizing???

Yep that's exactly what he was doing

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Torres scored his first Hatt trick in the blue shirt!


Submitted (a) rover, 1.5. 2012th

With the scored Sturridgea, Hatt trickom Torres and another scored Maloudaja Chelsea at Stamford Bridge home high beat city rivals Queens Park Rangers with 6-1.

29.4.2012 36. round of Barclays Premier League, Stamford Bridge, 41.675 spectators

Referee: Howard Webb

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech, Ferreira, Bosingwa (Hutchinson 81), Terry ©, Cole, Essien, Lampard, Kalou (Ramires 73), Mata (Malouda 67) , Sturridge, Torres.

Subs: Turnbull, Romeo, Meireles, Drogba.

Goals: Sturridge 1, Terry 12, Torres 18, 24, 63, Malouda 79

Queens Park Rangers (4-1-4-1): [/ b] Kenny, Onuoha, Ferdinand, Hill, Taiwo, Derry, Mackie, Barton ©, Buzsaky (Traore 64), Cisse, Zamora (Wright -Phillips 77).

Subs: Cerny, Gabbidon, Young, Smith, Campbell.

Goal: Cisse 83rd

Yellow card: Barton 60

Chelsea on Tuesday eliminated Barcelona at Camp Nou, where Barcelona lead you to 2-0, while Chelsea captain has got a red card for stupidity, and it has been suggested that the end of Chelseaem, there has been a turning point. Chelsea players with less scored goal scorer Ramires, in the end it was their executioner Torres, who played goalie and scored the final goal for a 2-2 (2-3). At this competition, the injured defender Cahill.

Even a week before Chelsea came to victory with an extremely tight defense and Drogba goal.

Thus, before Chelsea match with QPR was extremely motivated, and also problems in defense, because they were corrupt and Luiz Cahill, has been questioned and even Bertrand Ivanovic had played their last game ban.

Thus, Roberto Di Matteo was forced to make Fereirro RB, CB alongside Terry Bosingwo. The attack is back again in Kalou RW Sturridgea time in FW, the tip of the attack, but again have an opportunity Torres, Drogba, it is resting.

1 Half Time:

Chelsea has already elapsed in the first sentence, when the lightning came Sturridge and sent the ball in the net, and Chelsea has lead you to 1-0, did not expect QPR and he could not pick up. Chelsea set the pace, attacking, and so it soon came to Lampard shot but the ball knocked goalkeeper Kenny.

Within 12 minutes the Chelsea lead 2-0, when from a corner sent predložek Lampard, Terry got the ball and his head sent the ball into the net. Even after the leadership of the 2-0 Chelsea did not stop.

Thus, in 18 minutes Torres got the ball and found himself alone in front of goalkeeper Kenny, played ga and sent the ball in the net and Chelsea have already led 3-0.

Chelsea is still attacked and within 24 minutes Sturridge has tried to kick but the ball bounced directly to Kenny before Torresom, sent by the network and has led the Chelsea with 4-0. Even after the goal has not stopped Chelsea, Lampard is also trying to get a new management team is Kenny got the ball and saved the goal. Have had a better chance Torres, who was close to Hatt Trick, a shot across goal and so the half ended with Chelsea led 4-0.

2 Half Time:

The second half started as the first opportunity with Chelsea, this time he found himself alone in front of mat goalkeeper Kenny, but this time the winner was Kenny.

QPR has just arrived at the first occasion when he tried to Macky shot from distance but Cech is shot masterfully defended.

Chelsea immediately answered with a shot Torres, but this shot is defended and Kenny both Torres has scored Hatt trick, but only up to 63 minutes when Torres found himself again before Kenny, this time the shot and instead sent the ball into the net and so is Torres just came to my first Hatt trick in a blue jersey, Chelsea has already lead you to 5-1.

QPR knew that the victory can not yet tried to get naked, so it Cisse shot across goal.

Di Matteo had victory in his pocket, and so is the game and took Mato Kalouja, the game was sent Maloudaja and Ramires, and just the two reservists have increased the lead, so it made a nice Maloudaju Ramires, who sent the ball in the net and was led by Chelsea already high 6-0.

Di Matteo has made the last change of the game sent Bosingwo excellent defender in the game came young Hutchinson, and just at that time and due to poor transmission of the Hutchinson Cisse sent the ball into the net and QPR has got to goal, the result is reduced to 6 - 1 to 83 minutes. The last part of the game, Chelsea was close to a new management team has a shot blocked by Onuoha Torresu. Thus ended the match with Chelsea to win 6-1 and incredible Hatt trickom Torres.

With this victory has approached rivals Chelsea and will be a great fight for the 3rd and 4 place, which leads to the Champions League, so we have to wait behind Wednesday match between Chelsea and Newcastle Unitedom, but also behind the game and Boltonom Tottenhamom.

Chelsea v Queens Park Rangers

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818c0d187863155.jpg 9f7af3187863158.jpg 51ff95187863167.jpg bfa3d8187863173.jpg

Top 5 man:

Fernando Torres 9.6 Chelsea

Juan Mata 8.7 Chelsea

Frank Lampard 8.0 Chelsea

John Terry 7.9 Chelsea

Ashley Cole7.6 Chelsea

Man of the match: Fernando Torres' hat-trick heroics cannot be ignored so he gets the nod just ahead of fellow Spaniard Juan Mata.

Goal of the match: Daniel Sturridge's 20-yard drive inside the opening 60 seconds flew into the top corner and caught QPR cold.

Miss of the match: Not a terrible miss, but Florent Malouda managed to hit the big screen at Stamford Bridge with a wild effort towards the end.

Moment of the match: From the moment Sturridge found the target QPR were struggling and they looked like a side low on confidence and battling to beat the drop.

Talking point: Can Chelsea secure a top-four finish? Is Torres back to his best? Can QPR do enough to steer clear of trouble?

Pfotos from the match:

ebbbaf187863701.jpg 07fa67187863706.jpg 315c50187863709.jpg 1b4cc5187863711.jpg a97e57187863716.jpg b43eac187863720.jpg 15e2a0187863728.jpg e12120187863730.jpg 522ac7187863735.jpg 5289bc187863743.jpg 3ae8c3187863749.jpg df421b187863752.jpg d85ef4187863755.jpg eeae7d187863757.jpg a72a47187863761.jpg 0cf3b6187863763.jpg e40201187863768.jpg 2254f3187863770.jpg bc905f187863772.jpg f15fdd187863773.jpg d2ccf0187863777.jpg 4361be187863781.jpg d2bef7187863783.jpg

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well we certainly put the inbreds in their place. The best bit was that getting off the tube they were singing 'Fuck off Chelsea, West London is ours'- what with you going down to the Championship and playing in a shoebox?

We're going to Germany, you're going to Barnsley!

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