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Funny Picture and Video Thread

Started by Steve,

2,168 posts in this topic


For those who have never watched Angry Video Game Nerd. He swears a lot and there is a some scat humour but overall it is pretty damn funny watch him go crazy over terrible 80s and 90s games.


More video game related humour. It is kind of like College Humour.


Flash based movies and games. Mainly comedic in nature, but there are some that have drama.


If you love hyperbole and satire, Cracked is the (wo)man of your dreams.


A woman grossly exaggerates her life. Hence the title.


A fast talking English-Australian man reviews games. Fast. The main site also has some nice article and webcomics.


My favourite webcomic. Very blunt and dry humour, it really isn't everyone's cup of tea.


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