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Fulham Broadway


Started by Fulham Broadway,

Probably my best season to be a Chelsea fan along with 2004-5. There were regularly 5000-10000 at away games...

-rare footage. 6000 away at the barcodes


Huge mob in the Holt End at Villa


On the pitch demo


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There was two end of season do's, early nineties. One was at Villa where we all had beach gear on, 2-0 up and they came back to draw 2-2, all on the pitch after the game. A few Villa tried to mix it but were chased down the pitch by the somewhat strange site of Chelsea fans in Hawaiian Shorts and Jesus sandels.

There was one the following year, but maybe the year before, either way, I was utterly plastered, where the vast majority of Chels turned up dressed as the Blues Brothers. Quality day out. Great times.

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Check out these prices for a couple of seasons before;

From the Club shop…


Dart flights…60p

Ladies briefs…£1.75

Chelsea shirt, size 38-40… £7.25

East upper

Front centre…£4.25

Front wings…£3.45

Rear centre…£2.90

Rear wings…£2.40

East Middle


Inner wings…£4.25

Outer wings…£3.45

East Lower






Shed £1.60

Bench transfer 50p

Membership £3.00, renewals £2.00

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Top, Top season, full of fabulous memories. The team, looking back, wasn't the greatest, but they all seemed to fight for the shirt. And we were a fantastic attacking force.

no one ever fought more than Speedie as Kerry testified....

The members cup ....was an amazing day at Wembley.

almost 30years ago...sigh

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