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The FM Thread

Started by .Cee,

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6 hours ago, manpe said:

Anybody still playing this? Write your teams and tactics. I just rediscovered this game and started a new Chelsea career in FM16.


Must say, Emenalo is useless in the game :lol: He can't get any proper deals done to save his life. So far I've only managed to sign Manolas (CB) and Mario Fernandes (RB). He can't even offload Ramires (want to replace with Michael Bradley) and Papy ffs. Any cheap signing recommendations? Am thinking of signing Drinkwater from Leicester for backup and for HG quota, but I'm not sure if it's worth it or if there are better HG players available for cheap price? I currently have only ~10M€ transfer budget because nobody wants Ramires :( 

And there's people saying FM isn't realistic. Pffft!

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:lol: On the other hand I was forced to sell Zouma because the crying little bitch wasn't happy with my team-talk in a meaningless pre-season friendly against Rochdale, so he just continued to whine and forced a move away to Man Utd. And it says in his profile he's a Chelsea fan, what a dick.

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