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Frank Lampard

Started by DavidEU,

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During this entire episode it's not his goals that have bothered me (that's his job - he wears their shirt) ... it's the lies and deceit. Time will make his goals a distant memory but the lasting takeway will be the way he went about this business - snake like.

Yes, the lies actually the most annoying thing. Maybe I sounds 'childish', but my biggest concern is this match actually. He is destined to score goal or even the winning goal under 'normal circumstances'. So, I'm just glad he didn't. The rest are history imo. 50-50 chance we will not seeing him again playing for other English club at Stamford Bridge.

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Getting clapped off by us apparently

He was never gana get booed.Right reception and in theory that's it.no more frank at the Bridge

he could still come to the bridge with Manchester City in a CL quarter/semifinal


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We handled it perfectly, I thought. No lionising, no Super Frank ( :mouthclosed: ) chants, no boos (important - image wise) ... just muted, polite applause to remind him that even though he may have forgotten and disregarded the last 13 years in favour of lies and deceit, we haven't. We'll give you your recognition as a returning hero, albeit a returning hero who will never be seen the same way again.

The real kicker for him though must be the loud cheers reserved for Didier - a real, bona fide icon.

There were definitely a few boos around the stadium, especially whenever he touched the ball.

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Urgh. Now I don't know what to think. He's a dirty liar...but after seeing all these scenes made me feel soft towards Lampard. I'll probably go back to my usual angry self with him, when Lampard scores a winning goal again for City.

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