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Supremacy 1914 TalkChelsea Map

Started by Melanicus,

Supremacy 1914, playable at http://www.supremacy1914.com/, is an online real-time strategy game based on the First World War.

Supremacy 1914, also referred to as S1914, is a multiplayer online strategy game set in the First World War. Development on the game began in 2006 by BytroLabs and remained in beta until 2009 when the first version was formally released. Supremacy 1914 currently has over 80,000 listed players, and was named Browser Game of the Year 2009. In early 2010 the much anticipated new interface was released and has been followed up by many regular updates to it following player recommendations.

Supremacy 1914 gameplay occurs in individual games in which players face off against each other. While each game will have a unique number of players, all games are played on three maps: the 10 Player Map, the Historical Scenario Map, and the 31 Player Map, with each map setting a limit on the maximum number of human players allowed. Normally, a game will start while the map still has unfilled slots, and may continue even when players go inactive. When this is the case, countries without active controllers will be run by non-human players—artificial intelligence computers who will play the game in much the same way a human would.

To join a game, you must have a validated account and be signed in. From there, you can start your own game, or join one already in progress!

Who's the best strateg between us, TalkChelsea posters? Who's the most wily, cheeky and successful leader?

If you want to know this, register here: http://www.supremacy1914.com/ and build your own strategy to defeat your opponents. At the beggining of the game you've really useful tutorial so go throught it really carefully...

I'll start with "small" map (10 players), because I don't know what interest we will have...

  • When you're registered, click "The Games" in the menu on the left.
  • Than you have "Search game..." field and put this number there: 249254, password is davidluiz
  • Click "Join" and you're in! Don't forget to write, which country did you get!

We will have disscusion thread here, so we can comment and give advice to each other.


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