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Your Chelsea FC Memories

Started by Amblève.,

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Really good topic, don't know why i ignored it tbh. So many memories come to mind both good and bad from the ecstasy of the 2008 UCL Semi to the agony of the final which was just within a few weeks together. From the FA Cup final in 1994 to the revenge in 2007....too many memories!

I remember when i was 10, we beat Newcastle on pens in the fa cup (95/96) at St James' it was too late for me to stay up so i went to bed when the 90 mins had finished. My dad left me a note in the morning saying we won on pens, he even toled down the order of the scorers and if they missed or scored, finishing with Newton scores, Chelsea win 4-2! i'll never forget that. Just like i'll never forget the year before getting knocked out on pens by Millwall and the year before that, the first ever Chelsea match i watched on TV, the 1994 FA Cup final against Man Utd where i cried like a baby lol. I remember not having Sky and having to press tele text to find out the scores, there were no pc's or phones or fuck all back then, just shows how much things have come on in the last decade. I love all the memories from my first few years being a Chelsea fan because those days were so different. Remember watching all the scores come through, seeing Chelsea 1-4 Man Utd, Liverpool 5-1 Chelsea etc etc, remember that Myers OG at Anfield? Fucking dick lol. Then we started progressing bit by bit. Such a huge turn around from 95-98

The FA Cup has always been special for me because a lot of my early memories were from that. The 94 final, my first game i cried so much.... well i was only 7! Remember this Man Utd fan proper hammered the day after fall down the stairs down by the river, my dad always tells me about that lmao manc cunt. Then 94/95 Millwall.... went to a replay and they done us on pens thanks to Kasey Keller the yank bastard. 95/96 the pen shootout that i mentioned above but the 1 memory i have from that year was Duberry's shot against the bar in the semi against Man Utd, i mean fuck sake how much bad luck have we had against that team? In the final in 94, Peacock hit the bar in the first half, it was 0-0 at half time. In 96, the semi, Duberry hit the bar at 1-1 late in the day, we lost 2-1 because of Burleys infamous back pass that put Beckham through and he duly finished. Then 12 years later, more woodwork heartache against them in the UCL final.

Then we started winning trophies!! The 97 FA Cup final against Boro was emotional because it had been so long since we won anything and after all the near misses in the previous few years, we finally had a run where we played everyone shit! (woo). I hadn't had to wait long but for my dad and his family waited ages. I watched the final in Brighton in a pub called 'The Hob Goblin' remember the day so well, watched it with my dad, grandad and uncles, was an awesome day, Di Matteo's goal after just 42 seconds will be one of the greatest memories of all time and steady Eddie sealed the deal from a piece of Zola magic. Then we went on a bit of a roll, the season after we beat Boro again in the Carling Cup final and then won the cup winners' cup against stuttgart and the super cup against Real Madrid, what a spell! The best thing about winning the Carlin.....oh i mean the Worthington Cup was the fact that we beat Arsenal in the Semi and not only did i fucking hate them from an early age, but they were bidding to be the first team to do the domestic treble. Was brilliant to beat them, although it remains my only ever victory over them throughout my school years, it was a rather nice one and Di Matteo's goal... WHAT A HIT SON! Love that goal.

I could write a whole book on my Chelsea supporting history in truth and it's only been going for 17 and a bit years! Obviously this new Chelsea since Roman took over is like a different world to what we were before but now we really are a top level side, a big world force and trophies and top players are easier to come by now and not few and far between. To be honest, even Football is completely different now and that's why it's important to remember as far back as you can because it will never be like that again. Money now dominates the sport and although it made football a lot better, it is killing the genetics of the game and making it harder for home grown players to break through. A London derby full of Londoners and a Scouse derby full of thieves is a distant memory but the love we have for our team stays the same, even if that's not quite the same with today's players.

Anyway... other random memories

- UCL decider against Liverpool in 2003

- Winning 4-0 in Lazio

- Tromso in the snow

- Cup Winners' Cup semi comeback against Vicenza

- Beating Barca 3-1 in 1999/2000

- Beating Barca and Bayern 4-2 in the 04/05 UCL KO stages.

- UCL misfortune from 2004-2010.

- Lampards penalty in the 2008 Semi vs Liverpool.

- Matthew Harding's tragic death after Bolton away

- Drogba's amazing scoring record in semi's and finals

- JFH hat-trick against Tottenham and beating Tottenham 4-0 twice in 3 days

- Wayne Bridge vs Arsenal

- Essien vs Barca

- Welcome to Hell, Galatasaray 0-5 Chelsea UCL 99/00

- Moscow 2008 UCL Final is always on my mind. The Drogba shot against the post, the Lampard shot against the bar in extra time and of curse the JT penalty miss.

- Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea, 06/07 we had just lost the title but what an emotional and proud day when Jose and the players went to the fans at the end. 1-1 with 10 men too.

There's too many memories and there will be a hell of a lot more to come. Let's hope we can have some more amazing ones this season.

Chelsea Til i die.

I think you might want to add last Saturday :D

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Hi! I didn't find any thread where to post our beloved memories that are related to Chelsea FC so I wanted to open this special thread. Feel free to post everything in here that makes this thread a treasure of wonderful moments from all-time Chelsea history.

I'm gonna start with this one...


Frank's penalty against Liverpool has to be the most emotional moment in my Chelsea fan history, it was like, even before he picked the ball, everyone knew he'd score. It made me cry when I watched him taking the penalty back in 2008 and when he scored I was feeling absolutely speechless... Every Chelsea fan knows what I mean when I say this video gives me chills every time I watch it.

Definitely yes

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chelsea 4 - 2 barcelona

a great game , I'll never forget

also chelsea 4 - 4 liverpool in the champions league , emotional game

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I have managed to forget ALL Chelsea defeats except for Moscow ,,...no matter how I try I still see the penalties frm JT and Anelka ...

Still I also see Drogs penalty at Munich..

Other eternal memories PL wins owning the FA cup

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God... i'm gonna have to add the UCL Final now, that really has completed the journey in a way. I know there will be many more ups and down but it just feels that the journey is over. I will be gutted tho if we fail to win the club world cup. That would be EVERYTHING (except Europa League lol).

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God... i'm gonna have to add the UCL Final now, that really has completed the journey in a way. I know there will be many more ups and down but it just feels that the journey is over. I will be gutted tho if we fail to win the club world cup. That would be EVERYTHING (except Europa League lol).

Eva still has to win Miss World :wub:

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The 4-4 draw with the dippers in the Champions League, specifically this:

Carvalho's duck :D

Agree.Exciting time.

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Watching Chelsea v Leeds at Elland road in about 1991 and Gordon Strachan fell over right in front of us, we gave him so much shit about being a dirty ginger Scottish bastard etc,etc. He picked himself and just bowed at us and ran off. We were all gobsmacked, but since that day I always had respect for him. Before that game I got pissed on by a police horse too, not the best start to a match day but something I'll always remember!

Zola's unbelievable goal against Norwich from a corner. Had to see it on the T.V. replays to believe he actually meant it!

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In terms of best ones for me in my 17 years:

1- Drogba's penalty in Munich hitting the back of the net. The sheer elation I felt at that moment is something I have never experienced before and will probably never feel again in football. Absolutely amazing

2- Torres going round Valdez and scoring to win us the semi final tie against Barca. The most brilliant, disciplined performance I have ever seen by a Chelsea side. The organization and focus from the players and the way they defended so admirably against the best side in club football with a messed up defence and 10 men on the pitch was incredible. When I watch that clip of Torres running towards the goal I sometimes get flashbacks to Iniesta's last minute winner against us and Garcia's goal that never was and then Torres scoring just cancels them out

3- The counter attack against Bolton in 2004/05 with Lampard and Carvalho and Lampard rounding the keeper to win us the league after 50 years. Incredible feeling

4- Lampard's penalty vs Liverpool. The OP sums it up perfectly, nothing to add.

5- Destroying Wigan 8-0 on the final day to win the league was special

6- Winning the FA Cup in 1997. I have very vague memories of the mad celebrations in my house, I was only 2 at the time.

7- Beating Man U 3-0 to win the league in 2005/06. We were the best team on the planet at the time IMO and it was amazing to see us turn over the scum

8- 4-1 against Napoli. Went through every emotion that night

9- G*llas' last minute screamer against Spurs

10- THAT Hasselbaink goal against Man U at Old Trafford

11- Beating Man U 5-0

12- Dicking on Liverpool 4-1 at Anfield in 2005/06

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I'll never forget Ballack chasing the referee - Ballack was one of my favourite players.

And Petr Cech's injury…we got tickets (mostly because of Cech, my son is his biggest fan) for Czech Republic - Denmark friendly (I'm Czech but have been living in Denmark since 1987) and Cech got injured a week or so before the match and obviously didn't play.

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Took me all day to write it ... But thanks :D

I only have one big memory and that is actually the Sunday morning of May 20th...

I woke up at around 7-8am after parting and drinking like a crazy dude and the city was so quiet and so beautiful (it was strangely sunny) that I decided to leave the hotel and show off my Chelsea top. I think our win hadnt yet sinked, so walking alone around random streets close to Marienplatz, I had an enormous breakdown, I started celebrating and crying like if I had Autism and I had finally realised we were Champions of Europe and remembered everything we went through to get there! It was my weird little moment, but I will never forget. :P

The rest of our glory moments were me alone in the couch celebrating, since there are obvious no "Chelsea friends" or "Rivals to prank" in Brazil. I cant go to any parade the day after as well. :(

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