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Wishlist Robert Lewandowski

Started by NiclasCFC,

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I think we should buy Borussia Dortmund and use it as a talent farm.








All under 25.

Don't forget Schmelzer either, very good LB.

I love that BvB team, damn.

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So, since he is my fellow-countryman I can tell you few things about him. He is a pure hard-working talent. He is the guy to stay the last on trainings and a very modest one as well. He's not very quick but he holds the ball very well and has a great strike sense. He is more of a poacher than a tricky n9 and he was the youngest top scorer of polish top league (which I know isn't the greatest achievement but still). What I know for sure is that he, in 95%, won't move. He is happy at Borussia and just started to play regularly, so he wants to improve as much as he can and since euro 2012 is coming he won't move in winter to sit on the bench. Maybe in the next summer window there could be a possibility but right now, no chance.

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"I am able to confirm that a partner of mine in England has been having chats with officials at Chelsea about Robert."


Don't get your hopes up. Agents say these kinda things all the time to generate interest and get a new contract for their players

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this guy is pure Quality.

No, he's definitely not. Since he is my countryman I know much about him. He's the wooden one. IMHO, if Heskey and Bendtner are already in the UK, why would we need to lure somebody from Bundesliga?

The other thing is, it's probably just a rumor from his agent, just to build up interest of Robert.

Moreover, he is happy in Borussia. Last but not least, as Manuf said, he won't switch clubs, beacause he'll be too afraid to loose his position in Polish national team, especially in perspective of coming EURO 2012.

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just a bit more than average player who could grow into a better player if he got first team football, hopefully we dont sign him in january but maybe next summer

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