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Eva Carneiro Appreciation Thread

Started by Liquidator,

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I am really envious of Chelsea players. They get excellent facilities to train in. They get all of the modern conveniences that are available to the Club. Then if they get hurt during a match, they have Eva C. to ensure that they are fit to play or not....It's not fair!!!

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would love to have a football discussion with AVB and DiMatteo, they don't seem the cocky type and are intelligent and could explain everything in depth, more than a simple "he sucks" or "he's good". We have heard so little of DiMatteo, actually not at all, he should be at a interview/press conference or two.

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These ones made me laugh.

1."Her name is Eva Carneiro. She is Chelsea’s new reserve team/academy doctor and, forgive us for being so crude, but we reckon the amount of ‘groin strains’ suffered in and around the Cobham area have probably gone up by around 1,000% since she first pulled on her latex gloves."

2."She could do it on a cold night in Stoke"

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