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Deadline Day!

Started by J.F.,

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Just now, Dimitr said:

ZAppacosta is a very good player 

better than rafinha of course 

care to share about his strength and weakness....

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I would like to think RWB was the absolute key signing Conte wanted and now it is (seems) done, we will crack on with Drinkwater


Seen rumours we had matched Llorente fee too

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7 minutes ago, iceboy said:


Great source. I recommend everyone to listen to The Calcio Land Podcast, produced by Alex Goldberg (an American guy, who's also a Chelsea fan) and hosted by David Amoyal, the guy who is in charge of the English version of Di Marzio's website.

They always interview guys who know Italian football and Amoyal's imput is usually spot on.

If we do sign Zappacosta, I will be very interested in what these guys have to say about him.

Edit: http://gianlucadimarzio.com/en/chelsea-torino-deal-for-zappacosta-in-final-stages-the-latest

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