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Islam Feruz

Started by J.F.,

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Nice to see the great unwashed are taking this well. Also the police are investigating the abuse aimed at the young lad since his departure from those jolly craicsters in the green and grey.

CHELSEA starlet Islam Feruz was given a parting gift from Celtic fans as he left the Parkhead club for London - racial abuse on the internet.

The Somali-born youngster has signed for Chelsea, leaving the youth setup at Celtic where he had flourished at schoolboy and under-16 level for a number of years.

The sickening abuse was left on the Scotland youth star's fan page alongside Chelsea fans congratulating him on joining the London club. Some Celtic fans were wishing the starlet good luck for the future but their comments were in the minority of those from Hoops fans.

One of the comments, made by Hoops fan Kevin Kerr, said that, 'Your a wee dickhead Islam with a criminal record, your tainted already. Tommy Burns saved you from cowering from soldiers in a mudhut to give you a chance and you piss all over that mans grave. I'll never cheer you in Scotlands colours you turncoat prick.'

Mr Kerr, who works for Santander Group as a Chief Executive Officer, also lists 'beating huns' on his Facebook page as interests, showing him to be sectarian as well as racist due to a Sheriff Court judge decreeing that 'huns' can be construed as sectarian.

Another Celtic fan, Dean Osborne, tried his best to racially abuse the Somalian, but couldn't even get his racial slurs correct, stating, '****in immigrant spick !!!!!!!!!'. For those not in the know, 'Spick' [sic] isn't even an insult that could be thrown at Feruz, it's predominantly an anti-Latino/Hispanic slur.

Aside from racially abusing the forward, some sickos were wishing physical harm on the lad, with Celtic fan Kevin Coll saying, 'hope u break your leg nd end up back in somalia ****ing scum bag!!'.

Yet another of the self-proclaimed 'Greatest Fans In The World' decided that signing for Chelsea was enough to wish serious harm on the player.

Johnpaul Monaghan, a self-proclaimed 'Coatbridge Republican' and fan of Irish Republican band Charlie and the Bhoys, stated that, 'ya dirty wee ****, i hope you have a bad injury and never play fitbaw again ya wee prick for everything the club has done for you and your family you go and sign for that shower of scumbags, consider yourself no longer part of the celtic family as a player or a fan, greedy wee ****ing prick, HAIL HAIL.'

With moving to a new and more urban and dynamic city in London, Feruz should at least find himself within a support more open to players of all creeds and colours and not one that subjected Mark Walters to the worst instance of racial abuse ever seen at a British football ground.

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And now he has just scored two goals at Reserve level while still being 16-year old. From what I have read the second goal is a beautiful one. Great prospect.

just beat me to that. Sounds promising

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My eye for players has never disappointed me and this kid has it. There is a loooong road ahead of him, but he has the tools required to go through it. I will follow him very carefully from now on.

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