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Thibaut Courtois

Started by Domino-,

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4 hours ago, OhForAGreavsie said:

I just don’t get what you’re bothered about. He didn’t want to be here. He left. Suits him, suits us. We have a fine alternative, or may I say two because I really rate Marcin.

Now Thibaut goes public about not wanting to work with a pair of managers that a majority of posters here hate judging by their comments. So what? What on Earth is the problem?

Whenever Thibaut returns to The Bridge, I will applaud him. Whenever Antonio returns to The Bridge, I will applaud him even louder. I did not applaud Jose last weekend but only because I was not there. (Recovering from a major op.) I’ll be up on my feet for The Special One next time, applauding loudest of all.

Man you remind me of Spock so much :lol: I love your posts, but you are so coldly logical and rational that you do not see that those type of views/posts/opinions are driven by emotions. He has disrespected and portrayed something that people on here hold close to their hearts not in the most positive way, that is enough. It's never been about him leaving, it's always been about the way in which he did it.

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Would love it if Conte went there and benched him. Would be ironic. He wasn't even wanted by Lopetegui....

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3 hours ago, the wes said:


A blue whale's vagina is so deep that 10 men can fit in it, making it the second biggest cunt in the world after Courtios 

Brilliant :D 

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Nah, he left Chelsea because he thought it was all going to be golden at RM, it hasn't been, and he's annoyed.

Fucking gobshite gets all he deserves. Pity his goalkeeping skills aren't up to scratch as his mouth.

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11 minutes ago, the wes said:

Thibaut Courtois said he leave Chelsea because there was no goalkeeper competition for places.



LOL! That's a BS answer and if anyone believes that, you're naive and believe in BS.

I mean come on, are you telling me he rather sit on the bench? Is there a goalkeeping competition in Madrid right now? 

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